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Kale Atterberry

My design ideology sticks to the principles of clean and direct. I specialize in Branding, Website Development, and Digital Applications, creating design that encompasses a brand throughout its entirety.

Outside of work, I enjoy grilling and hanging out with good friends, going to dog parks with my beagle Maggie, playing basketball at local parks in Edmond and video games. I also enjoy recreational shooting at Wilshire Gun Range, making dad jokes and road trips.

I attended Northern Oklahoma Junior College where I played baseball and earned an Associate Degree in Computer Science. After obtaining my degree, I went to the University of Central Oklahoma where I achieved a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design. Within the last decade, I have achieved 5 Regional ADDYs in Branding and Advertisement, as well as 1 District ADDY in Digital Illustration. He was also featured on Redbubble’s “Weirdest Designs of 2016.”


Joanna Meachum

Armed with a large cup of coffee, I focus on making sure your brand speaks to the right audience. I work towards making sure your brand reflects your personal  values, while also putting an emphasis on digital styling to draw in the right customers.

Outside of work I enjoy hanging out with my two dogs, Maggie and Lexi, binge watching cheesy TV shows on Netflix + Hulu, and most importantly I love listening to Podcasts where I continue to learn about new business strategies.

I graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma in 2014 with my degree in Graphic Design and a minor in Photography. While I'm not currently practicing photography I still appreciate the art and I have so much respect for anyone who likes to edit photos for multiple hours at a time.


David Barnes

My role in Chimera is making sure you, the client, are happy. My job at Chimera is focusing on Account Services, client management, and helping to make sure everyone's all on the same page. 

Outside of work I enjoy making music, playing video games, and hanging out with friends. You can find me on weekends at local DJ events, and sometimes during the week as well. 

I always enjoy meeting new people so stop by and say hello! 

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